Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So I've been sitting here in this wonderful airport lounge for the past 2 hours, paying way too much for a quality microbrew that I can get for free in Seattle because the Master Brewer is a friend of mine. (Good news can actually 'supersize' those airport beers for only a dollar more...did you know that? What a great country we live in, really.) My thoughts have been wandering of late, so it wasn't all that surprising to me that I began thinking about an old high school chum that had been a roommate of mine in college and afterwards. Feeling a bit adventurous from the beer, recent travel, and the rather sulty (I think) hostess, I decided to see if I could hunt him down somehow on the Internet.

I couldn't. At least not yet. What I did find was a bit more startling for me, since it was completely unexpected. While searching old high school records and contact information, I ran across another name from the same era, a girl I went to high school with. Not a girlfriend, but just someone that for a very brief period ran in the same small, intellectually elitist snob circle that I did during my senior year at North Central High School in Spokane, of all places.

Honestly, I don't think about those times very often and have never really tried to find anyone before, but suddenly here I was thinking about her. From there, it was a simple matter to locate another classmate, a friend of hers at the time that I found intriguing on a variety of levels.
From there, I found her blog on this site (She hasn't posted in a year, it looks like). There wasn't an email address, so all I could think to do was post a comment to her posting about our old town, Spokane. In order to do that, it was necessary to become a member of this site. Is this how stalking begins?

After that, I still had over an hour before my flight, so what the hell. My first the tender age of 42. Lots of firsts in the past few years...websites, Myspace pages, blogs. I don't know if A. Leach will ever read the comment I posted, or ever see this blog, but I tend to doubt it. I do just find it a bit wierd that I'm sitting in an airport lounge, presumably only a few miles from where she now lives in Los Angeles, and because my flight was delayed and the beer was strong, I'm suddenly a blogger writing about a woman I haven't seen in 24 years. And writing poorly, I might add (I did mention the strength of the beer).

Serendipity I suppose.


At 11:46 AM, Blogger cheneyduck said...

Hey Mr. Oster, so an expensive beer and a boring airport gets the " rebel" on the path of blogging? I guess I forgot about the female from 25 years ago mixed in there too. So, if you haven't figured it out yet, this is that E.V. runner you ate quite a bit of pizza with while recovering from Jerry Martin's workouts.I spent the last weekend at the state meet(I usually go over every year with Rick Schwartz), but this year I had the added bonus of watching my daughters team (Cheney) take 5th-they missed hardware by 10 pts- April(my daughter) took 77th as a freshmen. It was a thrill watching the GSL dominate again, and Mr.Jon Knight coached your old team to a state title!! I,ve gotta get to work- I'll keep watching for thoughts from the mind (sober or not) of Rebel. See ya.


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